Video production

Just like the name suggests, this can be defined as the process of coming up with a video. The process consists of pre-production as the first stage, which is the earliest stage that involves just taking the photographs and determining the best fit. Then the second stage involves the choice of setting and laying down the plan on how the whole process is to be done for a better outcome. This is the stage in which the majority of the video procedures such as scripting and scheduling are done. Then the final stage of video production is by combining the edited clips and images to come up with a sensible video that has meaning. The whole process is done by a video producer.

Videos are better in serving the purpose of entertainment since the viewer can follow up on the follow of events by themselves. They are also very effective in communication and creating awareness to the masses hence the reason why they are used more often in the modern world for commercial purposes.

Commercial video production

This is the production of videos for the purpose of promoting or creating awareness of a product, brand or even a specific producer. This type of promotion is most common recently since it can reach a huge percentage of the population and can be very reliable. Commercial video production is grouped into many categories, such as sporting, food, advertisement, and others. To make these commercials more entertaining and even more appealing, many of the producers opt to use animation videos.


Animation in video production is the manipulation of pictures of various objects to have character traits of human beings; they can sometimes be pictures of animals. The pictures can move and sometimes can communicate. Animation can be classified as 2D, 3D, or the traditional form of animation that involves the use of the hand to draw.